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Elder Jordan Paul Day
Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission
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Greendale WI 53129-1889

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WOW! So a branch is tiny... Who would have thought that outside of Utah there are less members?? Lol Jk. Well after that shell shock, things should start to settle. I am doing great, the area is starting to look more and more familiar, so I am learning my ways around. I am cooking, well... kinda. I made spaghetti and lasagna and they turned out rather well!! I may live after all!!! :) We have four investigators, Carl and Kim, Rico, and Ruth. Carl and Kim came to sacrament and enjoyed it, they are now progressing, Rico has a baptismal date, but is not coming to church... we are hoping and praying he will. Ruth has read parts of the BoM and loved it. She is seeking after the true church. The members are great and feed us every now and then! Which is every missionary's delight!! Well I love to hear from you, so please send some mail, I will mail you back as quickly as I can!!! :)
Love, Elder Day

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