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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sorry for the late-ness, I was at camp!

Yesterday it rained for a long time, it was the first for two weeks, and it felt nice. Oh there is a lot of humidity, therefore it's really really hot, all the time... I was hoping for some in between weather but oh well right? I'm in the Milwaukee area, so I'm in the city which is rather nice. My companion, Elder Dautel, is form Germany, so I am learning some German, (YAY!!) I also have a German BoM but that's from the MTC book store. Either way, I am very excited! P-days are Mondays, but since Thursday was the MTC P-day we got some lax on the rules this week, so I get to do a lot of the things I need to do. My mission president and his wife are rather awesome, they're just as new as I am, so things aren't that different between us. We stayed at the mission home for a night then went to the areas, it was pretty fun.

My apartment apartment, it's pretty well used and there are some things that I miss about having a home, or even the MTC residency. But other than that, it's still home. The spirit is still there and that's all I really need. Mornings are getting better, now that they are going to be more set things will become more routine, which sounds good to me right now.

Yesterday I was talking to a bus driver about the church, which was pretty awesome, I never thought I had it in me! :O but then again it was all God, so he put it there. I love it here, the complaints I have are only minimal and "greeny," in my opinion, the weather could always be worse.

Oh feel free to mail me (anything really, I accept it all, food is ALWAYS welcome :P ) I love hearing from people, mail just makes my day, plus I love knowing about my friends. If you don't have the address, Madison (my sister) knows it and she'll give it to you, so send mail often!!!

I love you all!!!
Elder Jordan Day

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  1. I think I know his companion! Robby Dautel from Nuernberg, Germany! You've actually met his sister as well!