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Friday, August 13, 2010

Last week's post August

Hey Ya'all!!! So we FINALLY moved out of our apartment. The new place is across the hall from the Richardsons. They are the managers and members! Woot!

So far this week we had basically one big thing, the Hmoob (mong) BBQ. (It was more of a party) and so we talked to basically everyone. There was a good mix of nonmembers and recent converts, so it was a good experience! I got a Hmoob name, it's Tsim meej -Gee man. It means the talented on!!
I was wondering what they were thinking.... ha jk. Other than that, I am doing well, we taught Eddie about temples. He's a nonmember married to a member who is just back in the church and they have a kid with downs. We have hopes for him!!!

Well I am thankful for the letters!!! They make my day every time!!!
Love Tub Txib Tsim Meej (Elder Day)

Cleaning attire

Dirty closet to clean...


The old Kitchen

New super short hair

Elder Love

Jordan's favorite new hat

Moving stuff

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August!!! Sorry I skipped a week this one!

First week in August:

This week was... long :/ We moved out, but not into a new apartment, the old one was very disgusting, to be nice... I am very glad to be out of it! Even though I was in it for only about three and a half weeks. The new apartment is under a member, Bro. Richardson, and he's awesome. His wife said she would bake us things!! :) The only reason we aren't in it yet is because there was a complication with the check and it hasn't made it there yet, we'll know some time today... So since thursday we've been in city A's place which has been very... interesting. I have been sleeping on a couch, which isn't that bad, it's just not quite a bed... And the AC is basically right on me so I'm either cold or scrunched up in a smallish blanket.

The day we were told to be out, (the 31st) we had a lot of help. the office elders came and took all of our stuff, Bro. McAllister and Bro. Richardson took somethings too. In all, it worked out perfectly. After we packed everything we went and got some Mongolian grill from a place called Genghis Kan. It was the first time I have ever had Monogolian food, so I had no idea what to expect. I loved it though!!

Another thing that happened was that we didn't get our bus passes yet. So we had to get tickets. They said that they would reimburse us though, so that's another process. But since we moved, mail is being held so I more than likely will not write for a week because I won't have received any until next week. Don't forget to send a picture, I didn't think ahead that far, go figure!

Love Elder Day

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow what a week!! I have never prayed/worked/thought so hard in my entire life! Not that this week was trying, but that is was time for me to grow!

We ate at the Hassell's (last week), the Irion's, the Zundell's, and the Pehrson's. The Hassell's remind me of Joe, Tim has a beard and Anne is called Sister Hassel, so we get a kick out of calling them Tim and Sis. Hassel. The Irion's (ear-EE-ians) have two kids, a three year old girl and an 18 month boy and a girl on the way. Bro. Irian is a doctor and his residency ends in like two years, so he's doing pretty well. The Zundell's are basically my favorite people in the world. Brother Zundell is basically how I saw myself when I grow up, only he is a doctor also. He knows so much about health it's amazing. He also has a deep knowledge about almost everything, so he's very interesting. His wife was a patent agent and she has a chem engineering degree, so they are perfect for each other. Brother Zundell spoke about preparation in church, and it was the best talk that I had heard in a long time! The Pehrson's are a riot. Bro Pehrson is a doctor (there are a lot of them in the ward) and he likes to work out, not to mention he is over the young men in the branch, he's awesome! He has a son that's about 18 months old. Sis Pehrson is an attorney so they should be well off in like five years.

Sunday (yesterday) was German fest. Elder Dautel and I were there from 12 to about 10 helping out the family search stand that was there. There were a ton of people there, and there is a lot about Germans that I learned. The main thing around German fest is that Wisconsin is founded by Germans so it's famous for its beer and cheese, like Germany! So yeah... Elder Dautel spoke a lot of German which made him very happy, he even spoke to some couples that only spoke German and taught them a lot about the church's family search engine. I learned a lot about inviting. I have been struggling in that, mostly due to nerves, but I am sure that I should be able to now, rely on God 100%. I had a brat that was amazing! Then again, it was German made, so yeah... :) But there was some spicy mustard that cleared my senses... Late that night there were fireworks and that was awesome!
Things are well here, I do love hearing from everyone. Please remember to send a pic so that I have one of you! :)
Thanks for your support and prayers!!
Love Elder Day

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey hey from Milwaukee!
The weather's....odd at best. It's really humid all the time, so 70 feels like 100...! And I am burnt in a few places. The work is pretty good. Me and my companion wanted BK pretty bad so we got some, the manager wanted to know about us, go figure. Church is pretty fun, being a missionary has a lot of perks. The members think I'm way smart, so they will pair up with me (and other elders) from group things. In a way I do have a very deep understanding about lots of doctrine, but my companion knows a lot more than I do. I have a lot to learn still. This one family, the McAllisters, are getting better at coming. T (Travis) has developed a very powerful testimony and will be coming more often :) They are preparing to go to the temple soon. Things are great, a lot of elders wonder about my friends, and sadly I have no pictures of any, just the family. So please send them, (or approve a FB one to my sister or something) so that I can show everyone here my awesome friends!! :)

Thanks to all who wrote me, it made my day!!!

Love Elder Day

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WOW! So a branch is tiny... Who would have thought that outside of Utah there are less members?? Lol Jk. Well after that shell shock, things should start to settle. I am doing great, the area is starting to look more and more familiar, so I am learning my ways around. I am cooking, well... kinda. I made spaghetti and lasagna and they turned out rather well!! I may live after all!!! :) We have four investigators, Carl and Kim, Rico, and Ruth. Carl and Kim came to sacrament and enjoyed it, they are now progressing, Rico has a baptismal date, but is not coming to church... we are hoping and praying he will. Ruth has read parts of the BoM and loved it. She is seeking after the true church. The members are great and feed us every now and then! Which is every missionary's delight!! Well I love to hear from you, so please send some mail, I will mail you back as quickly as I can!!! :)
Love, Elder Day