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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey hey from Milwaukee!
The weather's....odd at best. It's really humid all the time, so 70 feels like 100...! And I am burnt in a few places. The work is pretty good. Me and my companion wanted BK pretty bad so we got some, the manager wanted to know about us, go figure. Church is pretty fun, being a missionary has a lot of perks. The members think I'm way smart, so they will pair up with me (and other elders) from group things. In a way I do have a very deep understanding about lots of doctrine, but my companion knows a lot more than I do. I have a lot to learn still. This one family, the McAllisters, are getting better at coming. T (Travis) has developed a very powerful testimony and will be coming more often :) They are preparing to go to the temple soon. Things are great, a lot of elders wonder about my friends, and sadly I have no pictures of any, just the family. So please send them, (or approve a FB one to my sister or something) so that I can show everyone here my awesome friends!! :)

Thanks to all who wrote me, it made my day!!!

Love Elder Day

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