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Thursday, August 12, 2010

August!!! Sorry I skipped a week this one!

First week in August:

This week was... long :/ We moved out, but not into a new apartment, the old one was very disgusting, to be nice... I am very glad to be out of it! Even though I was in it for only about three and a half weeks. The new apartment is under a member, Bro. Richardson, and he's awesome. His wife said she would bake us things!! :) The only reason we aren't in it yet is because there was a complication with the check and it hasn't made it there yet, we'll know some time today... So since thursday we've been in city A's place which has been very... interesting. I have been sleeping on a couch, which isn't that bad, it's just not quite a bed... And the AC is basically right on me so I'm either cold or scrunched up in a smallish blanket.

The day we were told to be out, (the 31st) we had a lot of help. the office elders came and took all of our stuff, Bro. McAllister and Bro. Richardson took somethings too. In all, it worked out perfectly. After we packed everything we went and got some Mongolian grill from a place called Genghis Kan. It was the first time I have ever had Monogolian food, so I had no idea what to expect. I loved it though!!

Another thing that happened was that we didn't get our bus passes yet. So we had to get tickets. They said that they would reimburse us though, so that's another process. But since we moved, mail is being held so I more than likely will not write for a week because I won't have received any until next week. Don't forget to send a picture, I didn't think ahead that far, go figure!

Love Elder Day

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