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Friday, August 13, 2010

Last week's post August

Hey Ya'all!!! So we FINALLY moved out of our apartment. The new place is across the hall from the Richardsons. They are the managers and members! Woot!

So far this week we had basically one big thing, the Hmoob (mong) BBQ. (It was more of a party) and so we talked to basically everyone. There was a good mix of nonmembers and recent converts, so it was a good experience! I got a Hmoob name, it's Tsim meej -Gee man. It means the talented on!!
I was wondering what they were thinking.... ha jk. Other than that, I am doing well, we taught Eddie about temples. He's a nonmember married to a member who is just back in the church and they have a kid with downs. We have hopes for him!!!

Well I am thankful for the letters!!! They make my day every time!!!
Love Tub Txib Tsim Meej (Elder Day)

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