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Sunday, June 27, 2010

First email!!!

So this is day eight of the MTC and next week is the last full week for me. I leave here the sixth of July. Yay! And we'll be on the plane for a few hours... I get to call home though. I'll give more details when I know them. The classes are rather fun, I am learning a lot more than I think/thought I would in just eight days. My companion is awesome, he is a lot like Anthony, in that he is into sports and has my same humor. Other than that we have close to nothing in common lol. The food is alright, but nothing like mom makes. That's what I miss the most, and the not saying good night to the cats is surprisingly different. I didn't think I'd miss that little pest so much! ;) Yesterday I got my first packages, (we got them Tuesday but we ran from dinner to the gym cause there was a devotional) and I love the things I got. Feel free to feed the hungry missionaries, there are 10 in the district (we all share our food!) I have gained a total of five pounds, mostly muscle. I have worked out almost 45 minutes everyday, save it be Sunday. I feel all buff and stuff. :P However, the cold went around and I have a nasty cough, UGH...

My companion and I (Elder Patterson) have gotten lesson 1 down, not to a tee, that depends on the investigator, but have it to the point that we are ready for anything that may come our way. (Except a teacher whom instructs us to do something that none of us in my district know how to do...) We were assigned to teach L1 in only bearing testimony or asking questions, and all 10 of us bombed. Like really....? But other than that we are all happy, several of us just got out of our shells and so we are all good friends. :)

I miss everyone and I hope to see letters from all of you. If you don't have my address, ask either my dad or sister and they'll give it to you. I love all of you, and I pray nightly about you =D
Elder Day


  1. I'm the first post on son #3's mission blogspot! I feel so lucky! Thanks Sweetie for doing such an awesome job! It'll make it easier to keep track of "Elder Cheesehead" while he's tractin' in Wisconsin!

  2. I just want to know who came up with the blog name!